MetaPWR™ Essential Oil Blend - 15ml
MetaPWR™ Essential Oil Blend - 15ml

MetaPWR™ Essential Oil Blend - 15ml

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MetaPWR Essential Oil Blend is designed to support a lifestyle focused on increased vitality, better nutrition choices and maintaining wellbeing. Developed by doTERRA clinical and medical scientists, the MetaPWR blend is formulated with specific balanced ratios of CPTG™ Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger and Cinnamon essential oils. The combination of citrus, mint and spice oils makes MetaPWR a powerful food flavouring to help satisfy your sweet cravings!

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Primary Benefits

  • Ideal to add to beverages with its citrusy, spicy, minty, sweet aroma.
  • Offers the ideal boost you need before and during a vigorous workout.
  • MetaPWR may be stimulating to the senses and help uplift mood when added to recipes.
  • A beneficial addition to your wellness regimen to complement mindful food choices.
  • In relation to the Peppermint essential oil ingredient:

    • Used to facilitate the digestion*
    • Contributes to the stimulation of the production of the digestive body fluids*
    • Supports the liver and biliary function*
    • Helps to facilitate fat digestion*
    • Contributes to better fat digestion*
    • Helps to support the digestion*
    • Helps keep the stomach healthy.*
  • *These health claims are still under decision of the EU and EFSA.